Thursday, February 5, 2009

Startling Proofs-Does God Really Exist?

I found this awesome video and just had to share. It is rather long but worth the watch.


  1. Grow up, girl. Get to know some real science.

  2. Thanks for sharing. God bless you.

    For those that think we came by time and chance, or that we came through evolution; they must also believe that Evolution is intelligent otherwise, why did it know that it has made an eye and that it is for sight and stops developing into something else. Whoever made us - God or Evolution - must be intelligent and must have something in mind before He/it started otherwise, it won't know when He/it has made what He/it wanted and hence to stop.

    For those of you who claim to be scientist, I know you have an idea of how a computer is made. We need a power supply; The monitor; the CPU; the cables; the peripherals and of course the software. Well, lets help evolution a little bit to make its work easier. Lets get all these together and put them together in the same place or in one bag...Lets leave them there for 7 billion years...common, let's do some time travelling you think that these separate parts will plug themselves together, load the software and boot up? Ha ha ha dear scientist, the answer is no. But do you know that your DNA contains billions of codes? The simplest cell in your body contains information that is the equivalent to 10 to the 12th bit, about 100,000,000,000 pages of an Encyclopedia.

    With all our advancements in technology, we have not been able to creat life from lifeless objects. And yet we believe that an intelligible exercise brought about our being here.

    Why do we develop from feotus to adulthood and stop? Why didn't we continue 'by chance' to develop into something else. Why is it that a cat always gives birth to its kind? A goat likewise?

    I know the answer. We are the product of someones handiwork. He knows when 'it is finished' and says sees that 'it was good'.

    God bless you if you believe; bless you too, even if you don't. If everyone believed before now, there won't be anyone else to preach to.

    My advice to non-believers is to keep searching. keep an open mind. Or just say, 'Lord Jesus, if you exist, please, reveal yourself to me. Amen.'

  3. One of the most stupid videos I've ever had the misfortune of watching.