Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok, so I started my exercise regimen a little later than I wanted to but I'm doing it and that's the important thing.

I have been doing the Wii Active (see link attached) that I got as a Christmas Present for about a week now and I'm seeing & feeling the results already. I started on the low-impact 30 day challenge portion of the program but it also have medium-impact & high-impact challenges. It works on your upper & lower body as well as the mid-section. This video game comes with a resistance band to focus on strengthening & toning your muscles while burning calories. It has been a while since I've done any type of real exercises so I thought it best to start off slow and work my way up. This games also has a feature for customizing your own workout plan.

Most of the exercise routines are around 20 minutes which is great for those of us who work full-time and just don't have a lot of spare time.

So far so good. Just gotta stay focused & motivated.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The New Me

Ok for 2010 my goal or NY's Resolution is to loose some weight & get fit. I need to exercise & change my eating habits. It's not going to be easy because I've become accustomed to eating whatever I want whenever I want but it will be worth it in the end. I love a big juicy cheeseburger, I love bacon & eggs but you don't have to give up all the things you love & enjoy. There are ways to reduce the calories and still eat the things you love.

Indulge! Just follow these easy rules to build a tasty burger for only 400 calories—the perfect amount per meal to help control portions and lose weight.


Choose darker hues. The deeper the color, the more nutrients they pack. Pile them high since they're so low in calories, and opt for spinach over iceberg and red bell peppers instead of yellow for more vitamin A. More smart picks: red onion, pickles, tomatoes and jalapeƱos.


Shred it. That way, the cheese spreads out more easily so you can use less for just as much flavor. A thumb-size portion (about 2 tablespoons) is 50 calories.


Buy lean beef. It has the same calories as turkey but is slightly higher in iron and zinc. Choose 95 percent lean (5 percent fat) and keep your patty to a 3-ounce, hockey-puck size—about 145 calories. Every 5 percent jump in fat adds about 30 calories.

I want to look good in a bikini. Who doesn't? I've been putting it off for too long now and it's time to get back my young body. I'm 42 years old but I don't have to look my age. Getting into shape will help mentally as well as physically. It will give you more energy and help to build up your immune system. I want to have more energy & feel good about myself.

This video gives a few suggestions on how to get that flat stomach we all want.

Feel free to leave comments or suggestions. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone....It's 2010.....Time for the New Year's Resolutions.....

Here's to being healthy, wealthy & wise...LOL

Well at least healthy & wise....Don't know about the wealthy part....

I think I'm going to change up my blog for 2010....Just not sure yet how I want to change it.