Friday, January 9, 2009


Why is it that teenage girls have so much drama? They are more worried about their hair, makeup, clothes, boys than about getting an education.

My 13 y.o. daughter was crying this morning because she says everyone at school is mean to her :(
I don't understand why people have to be so mean & hurtful. She is a sweet girl and doesn't make trouble but it seems that drama follows her. I don't know if it is jealousy or self-esteem issues or what it is with these girls. They have their whole lives ahead of them and should be enjoying their teen years and stop trying to grow up so quickly. I try to tell her not to let the name calling bother her but I know that it does. I told her not to worry about what others say but she does anyway.

I am at a loss of what to do to help her. If it was one or two maybe but when it's a whole group of kids what do you do? I don't want her to be miserable. I want her to care about school and get a good education. It really hurts me to see her upset like this and makes me feel like I have failed her as a parent. I try to raise my kids with good morals & values but am fighting an uphill battle with television, myspace, youtube, facebook and other media outlets. I can't be with my children 24/7. When I send my kids to school each morning I'm hoping they are getting an education in Math, Reading, Science, History, Spelling, English but it seems to me it's more about fitting in and being part of the IN CROWD. They are teenagers, they should be enjoying life not stressing about boys, clothes, ect.

My husband & I work full-time jobs and we can't homeschool our kids or be with them all the time. We do spend quality time with them and work to instill good Christian values in them but you know kids sometimes give in to peer pressure.

I've been praying that God will take care of my kids when they are away from us and to give them the strength to turn away from the evil they are presented with everyday. I pray that my daughter will have friends that care about her feelings and will be there for her. I pray that God will remind her that he loves her for who she is and will always love her and never betray her. I pray that God will give me the strength & the wisdom to help her through this.

I've made several New Year's Resolutions:

1) Get closer to God
2) Be the best mother I can be
3) Be the best wife I can be
4) Be the best friend I can be
5) Do my best in everything I do
6) Exercise more & eat healthier
7) Find ways to reduce stress levels

That should be more than enough for this year

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