Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sarah Palin

Does anyone else think that the media was biased during the elections? The way Sarah Palin was treated by the M.S.M is appalling. All I remember hearing/reading from the media about the Republican campaign was negativity but when the reported on the Democratic campaign they only had praise. I am very disappointed at the way the media showed favortism toward Barrack Obama and essentially got him elected by portraying him as "the one". They did everything in their power to make sure that the Republican party looked bad and the Democratic party looked great. That is not good journalism. Good journalism is reporting the facts and being unbiased while doing so.

I have much respect for Sarah Palin and hope that she does run in 2012; I will be the first in line to vote for her. She is a strong, smart & amazing woman and I think she is someone this country needs. I think she has as much experience as Barrack Obama if not more. She was mayor of Wassilla, Alaska before becoming Govenor of Alaska. What experience did Barrack Obama have before he was elected? He was Senator for less than 2 years. I think it's sexism the way she was treated and I believe it was only because she was running on the Republican ticket instead of the Democrat ticket.

Anyway, I found this video interview of Sarah lashing out at the way she & her family was treated and I want to share with everyone that feels she was disrespected. I am proud of her for not rolling over.

You go girl!

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  1. The biggest bias against Palin might well have been the fact that, for the most part, the sexism that was mostly disregarded. I, too, would like to see her run in 2012! We shall see....